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Woodalls Fitness & Performance Center in Clayton, North Carolina

Woodall’s Fitness and Performance Center has been in business since 2004 in Clayton, NC. For nearly 20 years, the Woodall’s trainers have worked to improve their clients overall health by training fitness and preaching nutrition. We are invested in our clients and helping them achieve their goals. 

Woodall’s truly believes that no one fitness program fits every size, shape or person. We know  that in order for you to be successful, the program must be sustainable and exciting! We offer a suite of classes & personal training to fit the lifestyle and fitness level of any person and any age!

Click on any of the offerings below to learn more about our standard class offerings, our Kid's Programs, and also be sure to check out our Events page as well for special classes, programs and workshops we might be offering.

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We Were Voted CCOC’s Business of the Month for March!


We Offer Youth Programs! 

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3 Reasons to Hire a Personal Trainer

01. Accountability

A personal trainer will help you commit and stick to your fitness goals. From showing up to sessions, to completing workouts, to eating healthy, a personal trainer can help you stay on track.

02. Safety

A personal trainer will help you with your form and technique to make sure you are working out correctly and safely. If your form is not correct, you are at risk of injury as well as not achieving your goals.

03. Results

Have you ever walked aimlessly in a gym or breezed through a workout without breaking a sweat? A personal trainer can help you maximize your results and achieve your fitness goals faster than working out alone.
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Client Testimonials
What People are Saying about Woodall's Fitness & Performance

"The owners are amazing! They care about you and your specific needs. This fitness center focuses on you, and is always integrating new techniques with traditional workouts as well. They are very involved with the community and attend public events/competitions. They will help you reach your goals because they care about YOU. Highly recommend!"

- Bobby, Google Review

"Never underestimate what you can do in 6 months or less. Woodall's Fitness and Performance Center has pushed me in more ways than one. Very welcoming environment and great workout friends. #RealPeopleRealResults"

- Jennifer, Facebook Review

"Woodall's Fitness and Performance Center has been a game changer in my fitness journey. I pulled off two workouts last night after a long day. I love feeling part of a community surrounded by support and encouragement. "

- Amanda, Facebook Review

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