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At Woodall’s, choose your goals carefully, because YOUR fitness goals become OUR fitness goals. Want to lose weight fast? Want to run 5K events? Want to improve golf swing results? Want to be looking good at the beach? Looking for a plan for lifetime fitness? Just looking for a gym or fitness center in Clayton? We will be here for you until you reach your goals and then set that bar higher

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Built for parents. Built for kids.
Built for grandparents. Built for athletes.
Built for people.

Woodall’s truly believes that no one fitness program fits every size, shape or person. And that in order for you to be successful, the program must be sustainable. We offer a suite of classes & personal training to fit the lifestyle and fitness level of any person! Click on any of the offerings below to learn more about our standard class offerings, but be sure to check out our Events page as well for special classes, programs and workshops we might be offering.


Various Featured Classes Include: 

Beast: Beast is a class where we combine kettlebells, boxing and abs all in to one class!  Great class for anyone who wants to mix up their training!

Bootcamp: Our bootcamps are on Saturday mornings at 9am.  This is class is different every Saturday and is taught by different trainers every time.  You will get your heart rate up, tone some muscle, sweat it out and feel the burn.  Good for all fitness levels.


Woodall’s New Programs for  December 2021!


Special Programs and  Events!  | Spaces Filling Fast!

Woodall’s Fitness and Performance has all new programs to help You Achieve Your Fitness Goals!

Mace Fit Level Online Certification Available!

Mace Fit Online Certification! Click Here!!

group discounts available




Online Training Available! Stuck at home? Still need to train? We have the solution for you! Many of our client’s are online training! Keeping their bodies healthy to keep the immune system healthy! Call 919-553-0700 to get started Today!

Woodall’s Strong Challenge!!

Woodall’s Strong Challenge to benefit Back Pack Buddies!
Saturday December 11th!
Joins us to help feed the children of Johnston County this Christmas!
Entry Fee: Food Donation for Back Pack Buddies!
Call 919-553-0700!

School’s Out Camp and Leadership!! Hey Parents! Drop your kids off at Woodall’s when Johnston County Schools are on Break! Grab your kids and head to Woodall’s!!

Early Drop off and Late Pick Up Available!

Woodall’s December Small Group Series!   This awesome program is for Men and Women! Rise and Shine at 8:30am Tuesday & Friday!! Mace Training, Calorie Burn, Chisel & Sculpt!  Call 919-553-0700 for more information or  Text 919-320-5099 to reserve your spot!

OCR/SPARTAN TRAINING! For Men and Women! We have amazing obstacles and trainers to help you compete and have fun at an OCR = (Obstacle Course Race), Spartan Race, Mud Runs any and all outdoor races!  You will learn how to navigate obstacles safely and efficiently!  Call 919-553-0700 for more information!

You Do Not Want To Miss Out!

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Season of Swole 2022!

For Men Only!

Call 919-553-0700 or Text 919-320-5099 to reserve your spot!!