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Optimize your training with ADVOCARE Supplements!

Woodall’s offers Advocare Supplements and products to maximize the results of client workouts. It isn’t mandatory by any means that our clients use these products, but we highly recommend it! A variety of products are available for most any fitness program.

How Woodall’s Discovered Advocare

In September 2005, a Cary town fireman by the name of Tim Anderson introduced Woodall’s to Advocare. Tim also is a fitness trainer in Fuquay Varina. James reluctantly took samples of the Spark, Muscle Fuel, and Vanilla Shake meal replacement. It took him about 2 weeks to actually use the products because I was so skeptical about the products and their effectiveness. Tim called on that final day of that 2-week period to say he was coming by the studio to pick-up the samples he left. That was the day he finally decided to try out the products in earnest. His reasoning?  If this man is going to drive 45 minutes one way to pickup three packets of supplements, then there must be something to this Advocare.

James immediately felt the results of the Muscle Fuel the day he took it. He went mountain biking with a client and although he hadn’t ridden a mountain bike in a year and a half, he wanted to keep biking well after his client had become exhausted and couldn’t continue.  He called Tim and told him how happy he was with Muscle Fuel. That following Monday, he used the Vanilla Shake Meal Replacement. With an unconventional job, Woodall’s trainers eat when they get a chance too. This particular Monday, James drank the shake for dinner. The shake filled him up and made me feel great!

I have clients that are not taking any of the Advocare products and are obviously getting results from the personal training. BUT – the clients that ARE taking the Advocare products and following my instructions to the letter on what they eat, as well as the Advocare supplements, are getting phenomenal results!

Advocare is the first product we have ever endorsed

James started personal training in 1993 and has owned his own business since 1995.  He never promoted supplements until Advocare. All other supplements he has tried never worked. All the products that Woodall’s uses and promotes work!

Advocare Systems

Not all results are the same. Absorption of the supplements (or food for that matter), are dependent upon an individual’s digestive system. There is a system to follow for optimal results.

  • System 1: MNS supplements plus the Meal Replacement Shake – This system is designed for those who just desire a small change in their nutrition.
  • System 2: MNS supplements plus the Meal Replacement Shake plus Spark – This system is designed for those who want to make a significant change in their weight management and nutrition.
  • System 3: MNS supplements plus the Meal Replacement Shake plus Spark plus Catalyst – This system is designed for those who want to put their weight management, energy, and nutrition into high gear. This is the system most recommended by me for maximum lasting results!

Other Advocare products that we recommend are:

Well Line: Great for Immune System and General Overall Health

    • Joint ProMotion, Herbal Cleanse, OptiSight, OsteoGuard, Zzz capsules, Fem 20, Fem40, Heart Source Bar-Peanut Butter Crunch

Active Line: For Active Adults on the GO!

    • Rehydrate, Breakfast Bar-Apple Cinnamon, Breakfast Bar-Berry Crunch, Snack Bar-Peanut Caramel, Meal Replacement Bar-Chocolate Peanut Butter, O2 Gold, Coffeeccino

Trim Line: Awesome for Individuals needing Weight Management

    • Carb-Ease, Catalyst (Bottle), Crave-Check, MNS Basic, MNS Appetite Control, MNS Max Energy

Performance Elite Line: Awesome for Student Athletes as well as Pro Athletes; great for anyone wanting to improve their sports performance or improve his/her workout.

    • Muscle Fuel Pre-Workout Drink-Fruit Punch, Muscle Gain Protein Shake-Vanilla, Nighttime Recovery, Post-Workout Recovery Drink-Vanilla

KickStart Line: For your kiddos!

  • KickStart Biotic Blast, KickStart ImmunoBurst, KickStart QuikShake-Chocolate

Why Woodall’s Will Continue to Promote Advocare

What we like most about Advocare is that this company and all its representatives teach lifestyle nutrition. Lifestyle nutrition means eating for your life and your activity level. When our clients make the appropriate food choices, they feel better. When you feel better, you want to move! In turn, you make the most appropriate food choices.

By supplementing my client’s nutrition with the Advocare line of products, my clients ARE getting results that last.