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So you want to do the flagpole, huh?

One of my clients decided that he was going to do the flagpole maneuver! Killin’ it! If at first you don’t succeed… KILLIN’ IT! Congratulations, !

5 Quick and Easy Tips to Re-Ignite Your Workout Routine

Spring is in the air!  Can you feel it?!  I can and I’m very excited for this time of year! Today I am going to share with you “5” quick and easy tweaks that will help reignite your focus, passion, and dedication to your workout routines. Feel free to experiment with any of the Fab…

Exceptional Stress Reliever

“I have been going to Woodall’s now for about 5 months now and the experience has been fantastic.  I had been looking for a personal trainer for awhile to both encourage and help push me through my low points.  I have been to several gyms elsewhere and have gotten bored with the standard treadmill/weight lift…

Sports Training Program for Local Athlete

Dear James: Thank you for working with our son, Trenton. The results of the initial three months training period are in and the improvements are impressive. We asked that you design and manage a training regimen for Trenton (a fifteen-year-old) that would address his strength, endurance, speed, and total body agility. We could not be…